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Maintaining a dedicated and large email user base requires a steady flow of new subscriptions. ArcaMax brings in new subscribers through a variety of means and we're always open to new ideas. No matter how a user submits we will send a confirmation email to make sure they wanted the content. This practice keeps our mailing domains healthy and puts our mail in the inbox where most mailers are not. ArcaMax takes lead posts, drives traffic to landing pages, offers embeddable widgets for websites, and partners with publishers for unique lead generation opportunities. With over 400 newsletter titles, you'll find we have content for most niches.

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With co-reg, our subscription offer is accompanying the user’s registration on another site. Generally, there is a checkbox that the user must check to authorize the site to pass us their address. In some cases, the offer accompanies a “yes/no” question related to the offer.  

Display & Landing Pages

In-email, web, and mobile display can be a great source of traffic to our landing pages. We offer a variety of campaigns like sweepstakes entries, topical trivia question quizzes, straight content offers ("Get Garfield comic newsletters" and even polls where users give an opinion and opt-in for a newsletter.  


If you can inject a widget on your site then you'll love our widgets. They are simple forms residing on HTML pages which you can place as a variety of IAB standard ad sizes or use the responsive template. Our widgets can be polls, quizzes, sweepstakes or a content offer.  

Creative Partnership

We are always willing to discuss unique partnerships.  

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