Monetize your Audience with Co-Branded Email Newsletters!

The COBRA Advantage

  •  No cost
  •  Fully managed platform
  •  Revenue share
  •  Easy integration
  •  Brand exposure
  •  Generates return visits

ArcaMax offers marketing partnerships wherein publishers promote co-branded, content-driven email newsletters and monetize from day one. ArcaMax provides a fully managed platform where the partner needs only to promote the newsletter on their sites- ArcaMax handles the rest.This is a rare opportunity to add a robust newsletter platform without expensive contracts or having to email.

Is COBRA Right for you?

You Don't Email

You've tried emailing but found it difficult to get in the inbox, provide content or make any revenue.

COBRA takes away all the pain of emailing - we do it for you (DFY!).

You Do Email

You have a successful email product, whether it's a newsletter, a marketing piece or a list manager. 

COBRA is a perfect add-on for users already signing up.

You Want Revenue

Maybe you have no email product or are relying on one-and-done traffic or product sales to monetize users.

COBRA is a residual, off-site revenue stream unlike any you've tried.

How COBRA Works

Select the newsletter that best fits your audience

See the list

Promote the newsletter to your audience

Use our Widgets or API

ArcaMax confirms and mails newsletters

Double Opted-In

We share revenue for the life of the subscriber

Your share is $1.00-2.00 

COBRA DFY Features


Topics to match your audience


Proprietary platform for proper treatment of data


Multiple filters applied to maintain high quality users


Inhouse ESP and redundancies for deliverability


High quality, brand-safe monetization

COBRA Compliments

”COBRA…is completely on autopilot without having me to worry about sending offers, dealing with delivery issues, and managing the list. I’ve been very happy so far and look forward to scaling…” Nick, Elite Web Holding, LLC

”COBRA…is a very simple, effective, plug in revenue stream.” Cassidy, Castline Media

The COBRA Connection

  •  On demand access to subscriber activity and lists  
  •  On demand reporting of clicks and opens
  •  Monthly revenue reporting and payments
  •  Simple addition of your content and promotions