Build revenue with free polls, quizzes and newsletters for your audience. It's done for you! 

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Engage users for seconds - Earn revenue for months

How COBRA Works

Select a topic and tool that match your audiences interest -poll, quiz or content- See the list of topics

Place a checkbox in your app registration or use widgets on exit pops, interstitials or anywhere 300X250, 300X600, 970X250

User interacts, ArcaMax confirms user actions and offers a free email newsletter Users are 2X Opted-In

COBRA partners get paid a revenue share for the life of the newsletter subscription Share is $1.00-2.00  

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The COBRA Advantage

  •  Passive revenue
  • Monetize bouncing users
  •  Simple API/integration
  •  Brand-safe monetization
  •  Brand exposure
  •  Generate return visits

COBRA Features


Polls, Quizzes, Content


Proprietary platform for proper treatment of data


Topics to match your audience


Inhouse ESP and redundancies for deliverability


High quality, brand-safe monetization

COBRA Compliments

”COBRA…is completely on autopilot without having me to worry about sending offers, dealing with delivery issues, and managing the list. I’ve been very happy so far and look forward to scaling…” Nick, Elite Web Holding, LLC

”COBRA…is a very simple, effective, plug in revenue stream.” Cassidy, Castline Media

The COBRA Connection

  •  On-demand or API access to subscriber votes, clicks, opens and lists
  •  Monthly revenue reporting and payments
  •  Simple addition of your content and promotions