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  • 20 years leading the industry
  • Nationally syndicated, brand-safe content
  • 3.5+ million subscribers
  • 400+ newsletter titles
  • Double-opted-in users: Confirmed, responsive and safe users
  • Averaging 10,000 new daily registrations
  • enjoys 1 million visitors per month with over 10 page views per session


  • 59% Women / 41% Men
  • USA Home Owners
  • Middle Income ($65k-$125k)
  • 37+ years old
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Many of our content newsletter readers also receive third party solo email campaigns. Because our readers do receive content email they value from us, our sponsored email has a better chance to capture their attention in a favorable frame of mind. Our email is recognized and trusted.

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Position your content and brand messaging next to relevant content aimed at the right audience! Whether you are looking for article distribution or you want that top-of-mind awareness that sponsorships provide, we have a solution of you.

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Every day, we send more than 5 million email newsletters (also known as ezines) to our subscribers. Our readers regularly check their email inboxes for ArcaMax newsletters as it's content they have requested and read daily. Our native placements get your message in-line with the articles and features so you get the most exposure for the buck.

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If you market your goods or services online, you likely have a strategy in place to stay in touch with your clients via email--perhaps with seasonal promotional info, or with regular site or product updates. Co-registration with ArcaMax can be a great way to build your email list!


Our quality content plus an attractive, modern website design provides a great user experience for our readers, as well as superior results for our advertisers. We offer everything from a site-takeover to remnant inventory. Let's talk about how we can drive traffic for you.

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